Artist Statement 2018
Build it and They Will Come


“Planning ahead. . . Working slowly as a new type of civilization emerges worldwide. Hoping for climate shift tsunami to be addressed asap and a non-Mad Max, post bomb, apocalyptic scenario to play out.  Shift is happening in spite of our clinging and reflexes to old patterns of nationalism and selfishness that allow us to feel pseudo stability. There is enough for everyone.

The survival of the species depends on how quickly we can become used to the unusual, the changes, the rebalancing of the third, emerging and “established”, Western areas and the haves and have nots. How elegantly we continue on depends on the preponderance of the old reptilian brain and the amber most evolved wave, both present and constantly shifting in the collective. (Click on Spiral Dynamics on info re: memes from tribal to present.)


A universal government might emerge, its structure being physical and having enough esthetics of all cultures data bases and ways of functioning for comfort. 
The ideal structure will be determined by the typography of its site which may be on a distant planet.
For now it will exist in a drawn form representing the collision between an ideal and matter. I believe that an architectural container’s sensitive plan can create shifts in human beings, reverberating into humanity as a whole. 
Details of the unbuilt Institute for World Governance - The building will guess tomorrow. It will come as a result of and enhance dialogue, collaboration and conversation. 
The obsolescence and sustainability will be reduced by an investment in flexibility. Sparks that fly at the boundaries of the various ethnicities rooms and will be mediated in a larger communal space. see Architectural ideagram
It will reflect an understanding of science, spirituality and the simultaneity of working together and working in solitude and perhaps give contact with nature.
But what is nature?