Sheree Friedman’s Light-Filled, Mixed Media Paintings and Print Images :

“When I work, either assisting others with their healing or creating artworks, I connect with my own inner “divinity” and light. Then I can best sense, witness and connect with core energies in all things abounding.

“Although I practice yoga in a meditative state prior to beginning my work, the very act of creating collages from elements that call to me, places me in a meditative trancelike place, where I feel one with the universe.” The artworks develop before me, a form of surrealist automatism, as I listen to faded, dreamy Chillwave, Glo-fi, Hypnogogic, vapor-wave sounds, Philip Glass: Metamorphosis or Hildegard von Bingen: Canticles of Ecstasy. I become an “antenna system” and gather images while surfing with the “wavebands” This is where I live, gathering sensations of our changing human mythologies. I AM OPEN TO MY OWN NEUROPLASTICITY- and always look forward to raising my serotonin and dopamine set points. I’m a space cowgirl, an explorer, making images that are beyond real, surreal. Hopefully my creations will hold universal healing energies and open us to explore new horizons.” S.F.

1. I construct a small layered collage of : drawn images, magazine clippings, pieces of acetate, old photos, pieces of architectural plans, dried plants, sand, etc. - layers of many memories and things.
2. I reproduce & enlarge this collage on my printer.
3. I work over this image with pencils, acrylic and oil paint, many more layers of acetate, tissue and graph paper, etc.
4. This final collage is further enlarged and reproduced on a cutting edge new version of fine art High Definition photographic paper that captures every detail and texture.
5. This print is coated with resin and pressed between rigid backing and matte U.V. plexi to further enhance a sense of depth, as though looking into a leaf filled pond.
This layering of techniques and use of newest print techniques amplify the sensation desired. I consider this Surrealist Art.

Sheree’s work modality is consistent: meditating, focusing on where we are now as a species, and uncovering New Mythologies in our pathway. She creates small-scale collages as a base, which are enlarged and superimposed with various elements, such as acrylic and oil paint, pencil drawings and markings, pressed leaves and flowers, sand and old photographs. Original art pieces emerge from this process.

Prints on fine photographic paper are created from the original work, which are immersed in resin and sandwiched between matte U.V. Plexi, thereby enhancing Sheree’s signature esthetic; metaphoric images viewed as though within the ocean’s depths. They simmer from her “within”; which is, also, the farthest-most reach of our intergalactic womb-space.

Dragonflies frequently appear in Sheree’s work. They predate dinosaurs, having lived on our planet for 300 hundred million years. While beautiful, they are the artist’s constant reminder of the very old, primitive portions of our brains that have often led to our demise.

Joseph Campbell knew that the seeds of tomorrow’s mythologies are born within the psyches of today’s artists. Hopefully, Sheree’s creations, art images that hold universal healing energies, will open us to explore new horizons.

ChillWave ( ,
glo-fi (
vapor-wave ( )
Hildegard von Bingen: Canticles of Ecstasy (
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis | complete (


Current Online Artwork representation : Agora Gallery






.........The Sleeping Queen

..........Original painting with mixed media

..........22.75" x 18"

..........Fine art prints on photographic paper sandwiched between rigid ...................
..........backing and UV plexi- 31" x 40”, $5, crate & ship