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Sheree is the life partner of Jerry Friedman. She is a mother, stepmother & stepgrandmother and is now a grandmother (Glam-Ma) of Ora Sage Friedman Salama.


She is

the president of S.S.Spirit LLC, which purveys her fine art, architectural ideas and scripts for film, video and TV.

currently writing several screenplays and a teleplay rewrite of a pilot for a TV series - LIGHTWORKER(S) Ruhama Productions

making a docu-series for TV on Energy Medicine entitled LET THE HEALING BEGIN. It’s three parts will cover –

1) the ROOTS of ancient energy medicine in China.

2) how EASTERN ENERGY MEDICINE MEETS THE WEST, evolves, and integrates itself into the modern Western World and in

3) and how ANCIENT AND MODERN MEDICAL WORLDS COLLIDE TODAY energy medicine’s many paths of integration will detail visions for using the best of this complimentary therapy with traditional medicine for the healing benefits of patients worldwide.

a visionary artist and holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute. She has studied Screenwriting(L. A. SCREENWRITERS' SUMMIT- 2014- Truby, Vogler, Seger and Hauge), Fine Art, Graphic Design (Layton School of Art & Design UWM Milw.) left after three years to study with painter Tom Uttech at University of Wisconsin click for Tom Uttech, Montessori Educational Philosophy, Jungian Depth Psychology, Spiral Dynamics/Human Emergence for global transformation(Dr. Don Beck), Tibetan Buddhism(New York Open Center, Columbia with Robert Thurman, Eastern Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy with Dr. Marjorie Miller at SUNY Purchase NY and World Religions. She has studied Pendulum Dowsing and Dowsing with John Kelly/Ct. Healing Arts.

a graduate of the Hoffman Process and is currently exploring Constellation Circles.

a Healing Touch Energy Medicine practitioner who works at Greenwich Hospital on patients with cancer, broken bones, pre-op and post surgical conditions.

Completed EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) Training, with Dawson Church, PhD, at the New York Open Center.

Completed a Level One QI Healing , Qigong certification with Grandmaster T.K. Shih, OMD, L.Ac. at the New York Open Center.

Completed part one of Working with the Dying: Doula Tools and Techniques with Henry Fersko Weiss at the new York Open Centerís Integrative Thanatology course.

is a member of Emily's List


on the board of the NY Open center. "To all who seek a more inspired life, the Open Center is a learning environment that offers a deeper connection with yourself and your community because the world needs us to be our best possible selves.” Now in it's 30th year as New York's premier holistic learning center, we offer hundreds of classes, events,and trainings annually!

is a prayer warrior > part of St. Dominic Prayer Group.

She believes that everything is energy. When she receives a prayer request she sends an intention into the Oneness for that persons greater good and healing. There are numerous studies on the positive effectiveness of “prayer”.

has served on the Anti Defamation League's World of Difference Institute Educational Advisory Board, creating strategies for enhancing, through school programming, ways for youth to learn and live side by side fluidly, understanding, not just tolerating, each other’s differences. Hopefully this decreases anti-Semitism and prejudices against all peoples in the world.

has been a sales promotion and marketing director for a chain of department stores
in the Midwest, and various advertising agencies (70's through early 80's)

created, owned and ran ALLEGORY Gallery in an iconic Milwaukee building, built in 1876, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Lower Park East corridor district, a co-op art gallery, showcasing emerging artists. (1970-75)

a patron of the New York Philharmonic and Carnegie Hall


Current Online Artwork representation:
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